Arthur Rei is a singer-songwriter from the UK, now based in Tokyo. Combining nostalgic melodies with the intricacies of classical music Arthur creates an idiosyncratic sound world.


    Debut EP


    The debut EP Crossroads is available to stream on Soundcloud and available to purchase on Bandcamp.

    The release is expected to be followed up by a new single in 2018!



    November 17, Otsuka All in Fun, Tokyo

    December 3, Shimokitazawa Waver, Tokyo



    January 20, Shimokitazawa Waver, Tokyo

    February 21, Koenji Grain, Tokyo (as part of Cherry Pie)

    February 24, Dining Bar Umi, Tokyo

    March 12, Shimokitazawa Laguna, Tokyo

    April 21, Otsuka All in Fun, Tokyo

    May 12, Mona Records, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

    May 14, Aoyama Moon Romantic, Tokyo

    June 3, Shimokitazawa Waver, Tokyo

    August 14, Mona Records, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

    August 21, Aoyama Moon Romantic, Tokyo

    August 22, Shimokitazawa Waver, Tokyo

    September 15, Koenji U-ha, Tokyo

    September 22, Otsuka All in Fun, Tokyo


    More TBC!

    Send me a direct message for tickets. Any tour queries please use the contact details below!

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